Foster to Adopt


Foster to adopt enables a couple or individual (the family) to foster a child - usually a baby or toddler

- before they adopt them. The child is fostered whilst decisions are made about their future. This ensures

the child benefits from as few moves as possible and that the child bonds well with their potential adoptive

family at an early stage in their life. The final decision about whether the child should be adopted and 

granted a legal order or whether the child should be returned to the birth family, will be made by the court. 

When the child is placed with a foster to adopt family, a court order won’t yet have been made, and there

are no guarantees that the child will be placed for adoption, so there will be uncertainties about the future

plan for the child. There may still be assessments of the birth parents or their extended family to see if the

child can stay with either.


Foster to adopt carers, will be assessed as adoptive parents but also as foster carers, so they can legally

care for the child initially. Prospective carers wishing to foster to adopt, will need the emotional resilience

and commitment to be part of this process which has a level of uncertainty. They need to have the ability

to care and love the child regardless of the outcome and help the child move to the next stage of their life.

Whilst children most go on to adoption, families need to be prepared for all eventualities.


You’ll need to take some time to decide if this programme is right for you and your family. You can find out

more information by visiting the Coram website to read their guide for prospective carers on fostering for adoption.

You can call and speak with a social worker on 0800 694 0101 to discuss in more detail.